A Year-End Letter from David & Paulette Greenberg and Kobi Chumash

November 20, 2023

Dear Friends of The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance,

May this letter find you in vibrant health and good spirits. It has been a challenging time for the entire world the last few months. We thank you for supporting the work we do, producing programs that honor the dignity of all mankind. Our all-volunteer board has never been more committed to producing programs where civil dialogue is key and where community engagement can activate and can inspire toward our mission of understanding and peace.

Our mission and vision are possible! We carry on with vigor and tenacity, as we have for the last twenty years. You are a critical part of the hope to improve the world.

At Colorado College on September 20th the GCLT produced the program, “Remembering for the Future,” with Father John Pawlikowski and the Anti-Defamation League’s Executive Director, Scott Levin. What a profound and rounded discussion! We dialogued about America’s response to the WWII Nazi signaling before the Holocaust, Father’s involvement in being a founding member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D. C., and Scott Levin’s insight about the current state of affairs nationally and internationally. Board member Will Stoller-Lee then led the audience into an engaged Q&A with audience participants.

Little did we know that just three weeks later the horror of terrorism, antisemitism, and the blood of so many innocent people would be spilled in October at a concert. Many in that audience would have ties to those victims. Including Father Pawlikowski.

Now is the time to support civil dialogue and engagement. The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance remains steadfast in our mission to provide programming for the community on a variety of topics. We are dedicated more than ever to providing learning opportunities to increase our understanding of one another and to eliminating the hate that divides. There are many worthy organizations who need assistance – but without dialogue and peace – there is no future. The time is now.

Please donate today. Colorado Gives Day is Tuesday, December 5th. However, early giving in now open. Please click the Colorado Gives button below to be taken directly to our page and make your donation today!

We promise to inform you about our upcoming spring program – you will be the first to know. We invite you to watch our short highlight reel of “Remembering for the Future”, if you were unable to attend. Please click the link below.

Of course, more information can be found on our website TheGreenbergCenter.org

With vast gratitude,

David and Paulette Greenberg

Kobi Chumash
Board President