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Meeting the Needs of Older Adults in a Time of COVID

Hosted by the Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance

Replay of the Thursday, June 3, 2021 Event Available to Watch Below:

This has been a challenging year for all Americans, but finally the headlines are offering some positive news and hope for the future. As COVID restrictions of the past year are reduced, are there some helpful lessons for ALL OF US as we move forward?

This has been a watershed time for older adults in our society. People over the age of 60 – especially, those over 80 – represent some of the fastest growing segments of our population. They have also faced some unprecedented challenges during the pandemic: disproportionately higher risk of disease and death rates, prolonged isolation and separation from family and friends, lack of access to technology, and profound experiences of grief and loss.

Can the rest of us learn from the distinctive experience of older adults over the past year? Older adults are resilient! They have overcome numerous obstacles during their lifetimes and have found ways to face the stereotypes and mental health challenges posed by COVID. Can they offer some instructive insight and helpful lessons for our path forward?

Join our knowledgeable panel participants (researchers, caregivers and community leaders) for an honest and inspiring session of compassion and hope providing universal lessons for all ages. You will gain insight into the unique and valuable role of caregivers over the past year and you will walk away with practical ways to explore new forms of connection and community.


Dr. Betsy Bates Freed, PsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist (focus on patients with mental health issues, experience in medical journalism, and research in mind-body connection)

Marissa Pifer, PhD student in clinical psychology at the UCCS Aging Center (focus on mental health issues later in life, specifically anxiety, self-esteem, and ageism)

Stacy Yun, PhD student in clinical psychology at the UCCS Aging Center (focus on aging and mental health disparities, minority aging, and end-of-life issues)

Holly Hepner, CNA

Melissa Marts, Program Development Director, Pikes Peak Area Agency on Aging

Sean Dana, Senior Manager of Business and Donor Relations, Silver Key

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