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An exploration in photos, stories and video of the people who have shaped our community, from its founding fathers to the kids who are its future— features stories of people in photographs, in print, in video, and a process for suggesting people who have not been mentioned to be submitted by visitors

PRODUCER: The Greenberg Center for Learning and Tolerance, Pikes Peak Library District

SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONS: Pikes Peak Library District; Compass Bank, Memorial Health System, Fittje Brothers Printing, Valuable Memories on Video, Sumners Productions, Dream City Vision 2020, Temple Shalom

ATTENDANCE: 4500 (275 at opening program)

COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Opening Program:  August 30, 2009:    David Csintyan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce

Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale Performance Pikes Peak Library District East Library

EXHIBIT: Available for display in other venues through PPLD

DVD PROGRAM: Empowered Passion: Stand Up and Be Counted:  featuring Interviews and biographical information about many of the more than 100 citizens represented in the exhibit from ten basic areas of community life.   (Available for purchase through the Greenberg Center)

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